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Monthly Estimates of Employment by Industry and Area           

Every month, Current Employment Statistics (CES) surveys business establishments in order to produce estimates of  employment, hours, and earnings data. CES data are compiled for all States, major metropolitan statistical areas (MSA), and the nation as a whole and broken down by industry according to the North American Industrial Classification System (NAICS). CES is a federal-state cooperative program funded by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).

CES Definition of Employment
CES defines employment as the number of employees receiving pay
for the pay period that includes the 12th of the month. This includes both full and part time employees, temporary employees, workers on paid sick or holiday leave, and those who worked for only part of the pay period. People included on multiple payrolls are counted at each establishment. CES data do not include: self-employed, farm workers, volunteers, unpaid family workers, employees on leave without pay, domestic workers, and those on strike for the entire pay period. Striking employees who work a portion of the survey period and are paid are counted in the survey.  

Please note:  Beginning in March 2010, the data tables linked to below will be available via database query in LMI Gateway.  Please bookmark the page:

On that page, see the instructions in the section called "Viewing CES Data" (also shown below):

Viewing CES Data

To view monthly or annual historical CES Data, access the Colorado LMI Gateway and follow these steps:

Select "Current Employment Statistics."

In Step 1, Select a geographic area.  If you select "Metropolitan Statistical Areas," a list of areas will drop down.  Only one area can be selected at a time.  Be sure to click the "Select" button at each step.

In Step 2, select annual or monthly, then select years or months.  Multiple time periods can be selected by holding down the "Ctrl" or "Shift' keys.  If you wish to see over-the-year or over-the-month change, select only one year or month at a time.  If you select more than one year or month, Step 3 will allow you to select industries.

In Step 3, select industries (using the Ctrl or Shift keys).  This is available only if you selected more than one year or month in Step 2.

Finally, click the "Search" button.

Press Release for January 2015 CES Data:

For Historical CES Data, access the Colorado LMI Gateway

For more information on the CES program, visit the CES page on the Bureau of Labor Statistics web site.    

Current Employment Statistics (CES) data and any analysis are in the public domain and, with appropriate credit, DECEMBER be reproduced without permission.  Please reference Source: “Colorado Department of Labor and Employment, Labor Market Information”.

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