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Previous Surveys & Highlights:

Job Vacancy Survey for Spring 2006

Job Vacancy Survey for Fall 2005

 Job Vacancy Survey for Spring 2005

Job Vacancy Survey conducted October 6th - December 3rd 2004

 Job Vacancy Survey conducted April 1 - June 1 2004

 Job Vacancy Survey conducted October 7 - December 9, 2003

Job Vacancy Survey conducted April 23 - June 6, 2003

Highlights of Job Vacancy Survey conducted April 23 - June 6, 2003

Job Vacancy Survey conducted November 6 - December 5, 2002

Job Vacancy Survey conducted April 22 - May 31, 2002

Job Vacancy Survey conducted Oct. 23 - Nov. 19, 2001

Job Vacancy Survey conducted May 1- July 3, 2001

Job Vacancy Survey for November 2000 (color version)

Black & White Version (use this one if you want to print out the report)

Summary Report

Other Information

Occupational Wages:

*Note:  The regions for occupational wages are not the same as the JVS regions.
Click here to see a map of the Occupational Employment Statistics Wage Regions and get wage data.


Denver Metro Projections 1998-2008 

Industry Data:

The following links will take you to ES202 Employment & Wage data annual averages for 2001, and first quarter 2002..
Click here to access the Data Query in Colorado Navigator.

Unemployment Data

Time Series Data Links


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